Maximizing Social Media | Explorative questions to get the most from your social program

I recently spoke with a former colleague of mine about launching a social program in her new organization. She was being asked by executive leadership to essentially do this as a “side project” in addition to her existing roles. She and I both knew that in order to do this the right way, to gain the most value, requires a dedicated resource and a well thought out strategy and communications plan even before that first profile is built. 

There is so much to think about when launching a social program to ensure it successfully aligns to a companies business objectives and brand.

After attending a few networking events, it was apparent that many of my peers are often asked the same thing – to launch or manage a social program with little or any strategic alignment. In some cases, there seems to be a short-term need they are trying to accommodate, and in other cases, it was simply a desire to have a presence like everyone else.

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