Attract With Your Message, Clarify Value

Establishing key themes and anchor messages to build communications and content from is vital for your brand and reputation. Providing consistency across the organization so that everyone speaks to the same priorities and differentiators ensures people are always clear on who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Our strategic messaging solution provides you the invaluable platform to articulate and deliver from a consistent foundation, reinforced with strong supporting data and relatable stories.

The benefit of having a third party facilitate and develop the messaging framework for you is they enter the discussion with an unbiased view. This means they are better able to mediate and negotiate any challenges made by impassioned parties so the collaboration process remains productive.

There are two ways we can partner with you to build a new messaging framework:

In-Person Collaborative Workshop

  • We'll conduct an audit, background research, and preliminary interviews to prepare and create a baseline in advance of the workshop.

  • We can help you identify appropriate subject matter experts and business leaders to participate in the workshop itself.

  • We'll lead the collaborative workshop acting as the primary facilitator, driving out key insights and priorities from respective leaders and experts.

  • Once the workshop is complete, we take all inputs to develop and deliver a comprehensive messaging framework you can immediately put to work.

  • The benefit of an in-person workshop is for all key players to hear from each other, understand what’s most important to each group, and to bounce ideas off one another as they formulate and mature their respective areas of ownership.

    If your leaders need this time to connect and hear from each other, potentially to get on the same page with the vision and direction of the company, this may be the better option.

Virtual Collaboration and Development

  • Similar to the workshop, we conduct an audit, background research, and team interviews to establish a baseline.

  • We can help you identify appropriate subject matter experts and business leaders to participate in the process.

  • Rather than working with experts and leaders in-person, we conduct further interview sessions over the phone or with video sessions where appropriate.

  • Once all inputs are completed, we develop and deliver a comprehensive messaging framework you can immediately put to work.

  • The benefits of the virtual development are the elimination of travel expenses and the inevitable scheduling challenges of getting all key stakeholders in a room at the same time. It can also make the entire process go more quickly if the timeline is an issue.

    If your people are in several locations or travel extensively, this may be the better option. Just be certain there is a common understanding of vision and direction to save time.

Cut the Confusion and Master Your Message

Ever browse a website and walk away even more confused about what the heck the company does or who they do it for? Does it seem like they try to cram as many trendy keywords or topics in, all while completely distracting visitors from how, or even if, they solve a problem? Or maybe they did a great job on one page, only to baffle or disorient you on another.

What if it’s your website that’s puzzling visitors?

Change is Inevitable: Good Communication Gives It Life

As they say, change is inevitable. And in business as in life, change is constant. It must be in order to stay relevant and competitive. Companies must evolve and grow to outpace themselves and the rest of the market more than ever before. This is how progress is made. Good corporate communications organizations are front and center to all change programs. And getting the messages right is critical.

The Straight A's of Successful Employee Town Halls

No matter the size of your organization, employee town halls are a fantastic way to bring the full workforce together to learn about the company, its projects and programs, and the clients it serves. There’s a wealth of information to be shared during regularly scheduled employee town halls, and a great amount of value to be gained along the way. Start by getting your message right.

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