Halloween in my family was probably our favorite holiday.  Besides the fact that for many years we lived in one of the creepiest houses on the block, a 100-year-old slightly run down Victorian, my mother had a propensity for making it very special.

Every year she would line us girls up outside of her bedroom door. One-by-one we were brought inside where she would quickly conjure up an amazing costume with full makeup. My mother had an entire dressing room filled with old clothes and jewelry she never gave away, so her resources were plenty. We typically never knew what we were going to be unless we had a special request, but it was always different and never something store bought. I’m not sure she even knew what she was going to do before we stepped inside, but as we waited in great anticipation for each big reveal, we were never disappointed.

For all my scary friends and family, I’ve penned a special Halloween poem just for you.


It’s Halloween night,
All is covered in black,
Costumes are complete,
Including a treats sack.

Carmel ApplesFog envelops the air,
And streams of moonlight,
Children scurry through paths,
In terror and fright.

All streets are brimming,
With the living and the dead,
And signs of dark blood,
In deep crimson red.

To scare, to scream,
To trick for those treats,
Ghosts, goblins, and witches,
On the hunt for spooky sweets.

Porches draped in spider webs,
And jack-o-lanterns too,
Black cats, witches cauldrons,
Bubbling with a strange brew.

Beware the dark shadows,
And agonizing screams,
It just might be death,
Lurking behind those moonbeams.Colorful Candy Corn for Halloween

So collect your Snickers bars,
Kit-Kats and candy corn,
Just avoid creepy crawlies,
And make it to morn.

To all you young kiddies,
Whose demise I’ve foreseen,
Beware the dark of night,
On this spooky Halloween!



Image Credits: ©iStock.com/Jag_cz, ©iStock.com/woogies1, ©iStock.com/bhofack2

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