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As a corporate communications and public relations (PR) professional, I have spent a significant portion of my career telling the stories of an organization, its people, and the clients they serve. I have explored the most optimal ways to package, share, and repurpose these stories in order to educate, innovate, and bring broad visibility. I have become fairly tech-savvy along the way as I’ve learned about and leveraged the many platforms, applications, and tools available to make the most of the content sharing process.

With a good many years experience under my belt, I now want to share my own stories and the many things I’ve learned along the way, and hear from all of you about what you’ve experienced. As a life-long learner, I want to continue growing my knowledge and experiences – writing about our interests can be a great method to force us out of our comfort zones and hold us accountable to more holistically explore a topic.

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