Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d wrap the week up on a lighter note. And given we’re approaching a long holiday weekend, even better.

Holidays, in general, get me pretty excited as they do with most people. You’re presented with the gift of an extra day or two of relaxation, enjoying time with friends and family, or doing absolutely nothing. The stress of work expectations and deadlines can hopefully be put aside for just a bit longer while you celebrate with good food and laughter, and recharge your batteries. The idea is that it’s a pause from the madness of a typical week. And who doesn’t want that?

Here are a few things I love about a holiday weekend.

  1. It’s a great excuse to do something different from other weekends.
  2. You have a little more time to squeeze in activities with friends.
  3. It’s an extra day to take care of myself – sleep in or take a nap, get outside in the fresh air, exercise my brain in a different way.
  4. No matter what the holiday, there’s always a feeling of celebration in the air.
  5. And of course, you get a few more wine o’clocks in the mix.

Enjoy this long holiday weekend — I hope we all can return refreshed and ready to dive back in!

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” — Katherine Hepburn

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