It’s Christmas Eve and the promise of snow is on its way here in Chicago, enveloping our city with soft white pillows and intricately laced trees. What a wonderful gift to look forward to as we put last minute touches on our holiday feasts and festivities. The holidays can bring chaos and stress if we allow them to. Endless shopping and crowded stores, strained bank accounts and pocketbooks, the pressure to attend every holiday party and gathering, and the added stress of travel mixed with unpredictable weather conditions.  It can deplete our energy and drain our joy.

Instead, let’s remind ourselves what the spirit of the holiday season is about and eliminate as much of the unnecessary, over-the-top extras that really do little for our mental and spiritual wellness, much less the health of our most important relationships.

During this magical time of year, it is my greatest hope that all of you can spend quality time with family and friends relaxing, rejuvenating, and celebrating the grace of the season together. Pause as often as you can to really enjoy and be in the moment. Listen to the precious stories and conversations of your loved ones and actively engage with them. Breathe in and embrace the sweetness of the sights, the smells, the sounds, and the tastes, as these rare moments go by so quickly.

To each and every one of you, I wish you the invaluable gifts of peace, love, laughter, and simple compassion for one another.

Merry Christmas!!

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